Rock Springs Baptist Church History

In the year 1897, Floyd G. Jordan stood in a little Sunday School room in the old school house of Rock Springs, which no longer stands, and urged the people that the community needed a baptist church.  From this humble beginning, the first loads of lumber were sawed and hauled in by the founding members themselves, establishing Rock Springs Baptist Church.  

Over the years, like all churches, Rock Springs has had its ups and downs.  However, it has made steady progress under the competent leadership of its pastors.  We've never clasped hands with these great leaders nor with their great congregations because they have gone on before our day, but they have left behind a wonderful legacy which will continue to live on until the Lord returns to take us all home!

May the Lord Jesus continue to call young men and women to carry on His work here at this church.  May we stand steadfast in God's Word as the older generations have stood.  Let us live to serve, not be served, and above all else, let God be glorified and honored in all we attempt to do here at Rock Springs Baptist Church!